My aim at KellyJ Leather is to make to make top quality handmade made to measure bridlework.

My Story

I was born in Hong Kong but moved to West Sussex when I was just one year old and have lived in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex ever since.  I have been riding as long as I can remember.  I started at a small riding school in Heyshott, sharing my first pony with my older sister. I am still a very keen rider and regularly compete in one day events on my 16h thoroughbred called Just Jack. I have also been beating on a local shoot for over 10 years and have recently started shooting. I went to Godalming college to study for my A-levels, taking Product Design, Photography, IT and Business, all of which have been very useful in setting up KellyJ Leather!

I have been working full time on KellyJ Leather since 2015. I have been training regularly at the saddlery training centre. I Currently hold my Lv2 and Lv3 in both harness and bridlework which are city and guild qualifications and they are the highest qualifications you can achieve. I am a member Of the Society of Master Saddlers as a Qualified Harness maker, this is because there isn’t a qualified Bridlemaker category.

End of 2018 I also became A Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Scholar, I was selected by a large panel to expand my knowledge in bridles by being mentored by Master bridle Issi Russell, this Is a amazing opportunity and will be sharing my story on socal media.



I have been a keen photographer since I was 10 years old - particularly equine photography.  I have self taught myself and learned how to use programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator at college. I have taken all of the photos on my website and also sell photos as limited edition framed prints. Please contact me if you want to see more of my photos or have any questions.