Bespoke Bridlework

My passion is bespoke bridle work. Completely handmade and handstitched, each bridle is made to measure in order to fit the horse perfectly, with choices of:

  • Size

  • Colour of leather

  • noseband and browband styles

  • padding

  • rolled leather

  • alternative thread colour

  • not forgetting any bling!

I aim to design and make the best and most comfortable bridle for the horse, which in turn will help the horse achieve top performance.Most of the bridles I make  have a padded ergonomically shaped headpiece.  This design lifts the headpiece off many of the sensitive nerves on the horses face and keeps the bridle away from the ears making the bridle  comfortable for the horse.  

I can produce any style of noseband and brown, with or without padding, round or square raised, fancy stitching or can use any other ideas you may have. I also make a large selection of different reins, matching requirements for any discipline and your preference. 


I use the highest quality English leather from Sedgewicks, the UK’s leading supplier of top quality leather.

All the buckles I use come from Abbey England, who supply top quality equestrian fittings.  All their brass work is made in a UK foundry. For padding leather I tend to use butter soft goat or sheep skin leather, which gives a very soft and supple finish and is available in any colour of the rainbow.  For the actual padding, I use a special pressure removing foam that stays soft even many years of use, unlike many of the “off the peg bridles”.

Why not “off the peg”?

Many off the peg bridles won’t completely fit your horse, or may not suit your horse:

  • the fit of the bridle may mean that when the buckles are done up they sit on sensitive facial nerves, or pieces of the bridle that are too tight or too lose can pull the bridle or rub the horse.

  • the look of a bridle may not suit your horses head due to standard styles and strap thickness.

  • Off the peg bridles may not be as safe, due to a lot of the bridle manufactures who machine stitch parts or the whole bridle, which often means that the stitching wears and breaks quicker. With traditional hand stitching if one stitch wears or breaks the whole line won’t undo compered to machine stitching. Most manufacturers split down the buckle turns and billet platforms as it makes them easier to stitch. I leave them full thickness which means they are far stronger.


Due to every bridle being different my pricing varies, so I am happy to give you a no obligation free quote. 

I can come out and measure up your horse for a price of £25 plus 45p per mile for anything over 10 miles of my Midhurst workshop (GU29). Or I can send you a bridle fitting form and instructions on how to measure the bridle. 

Every bridle takes around 2-4 days to make and takes a lot of skill so I personally think a bespoke bridle is a good long term investment and it eliminates guesswork, and gives you a truly promised bridle.I’m always happy to explain how I make my bridles and answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to send me a email or call



KellyJ Leather Snaffle Bridle.jpg

I love hearing from happy customers, this lovely review was from Fiona Stephenson. I hope my bridle gives her luck gives her Luck in there eventing.

"Received my gorgeous new bridle today! After struggling to find what I wanted 'off the peg' I had one made by Kelly J Leather and it is PERFECT. Sedgwick leather and brown stitching and padding to complement the browband. All hand stitched and made to my measurements :) Shorty approves and was extra jolly and spooky on his hack in the wind and rain to give it a thorough test....
If anyone is looking for a perfect new bridle and wants to remove the guesswork out of whether the stitching would be up to scratch or leather would be decent quality ect ect... Then I would highly recommend KellyJ Leather. Received my bridle today and it's STUNNING!"